My first Zbrush Sculpt – Wolverine WIP



Artist Spotlight – Tyler Figueira

I came across his site while I was looking at Z-Brush 3 Video Tutorials. Check out his Deadpool sculpting demos on Youtube. Good stuff.

Website :

Zbrush tutorials –

Blur Studio Cinematic for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War


Originaly released in 2004, great animation.

15 Megabyte Warhammer 40,000 Intro Cinematic –

Animatic –

Render Layers –

Original Article:


Onimusha Cinematics — Award Winning Cinematic (Onimusha 3)


The Onimusha 3 intro (pictured on the right) is hands down one of the best cinematics I have ever seen. It’s produced by a studio called Robot. I just had to bring it back. Enjoy the “Doubletake”, I will definitely be bringing back more as I dig them up. The Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams trailer is also worth checking out.

Onimusha 3-

Onimusha 4 –

Visit for more up to date news and information; one of my favorite sites.

Z-brush Tutorials from

highend3d.gif – Video Tutorials



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