Sound-Cloaking Technology



“The idea also can be used to design the acoustics of a building or a room by shaping sound differently. Imagine being able to eliminate the sound that reflects off of objects. Auditoriums and studios could be designed in a whole new way.”

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Focused Lethality -Small Diameter Bomb – SDB


This is a video about a military technology called the SDB –


  • Length: 70.8 in (1.8 m).
  • Width: 7.5 in (19 cm).
  • Weapon weight: 285 pounds (130 kg).
  • Warhead: 206 lb (93 kg) penetrating, blast fragmentation. 
    • 50 lbs (23kg) of high explosive.
  • Warhead penetration:
    • “six feet of reinforced concrete.
    • “more than three feet (1 m) of steel-reinforced concrete”.
  • Fuse: Electronic safe and fire (ESAF) cockpit selectable functions, including air burst and delayed options.
  • Guidance: SDB I – GPS/INS.
  • Accuracy: 5-8 m circular error probable
  • Standoff maximum range: more than 60 nautical miles. (110 km).

Program status

  • October 2001- Boeing is awarded the SDB contract
  • September 2005 – Small Diameter Bomb certified for operational test, evaluation.
  • September 2006 – SDB team deliver the first SDBs to the USAF.
  • October 2006 – Initial Operational Capability declared for SDB on the F15E.
  • October 2006 – First use in combat.